Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Four Tips on a Wednesday

Taking care of yourself, practice, and your lifestyle are big parts of preparedness and survivalism. If you have a 20-30lb bug-out-bag but never carry it out into the woods and use it, how will you be able to carry it and use it properly to survive in the wild? Why would have food storage that contains food you'll never want to eat? Here are a few tips to be a "better" prepper/survivalist:

#1 : use your BoB in non emergency situations
I take mine camping every chance we get. It gets me away from conveniences of everyday life and makes me use only the supplies and tools I have specifically packed. Ideally, I'd like to have mine stocked to where my husband or I could say "Let's go camping- right now!" and I could grab my BoB, sleeping bag, tent and run out the door. Bam! There's everything I need, and way more! I'm getting can, too!

#2 : exercise regularly, eat a little better - make a small lifestyle change to begin with
You don't have to run five miles a day... (but I commend you if you do!) You can walk around your neighborhood a few times. You can bike into town. Any amount of exercise is better than none. I could go on and on about exercise, but you are old enough to know WHY it is good for you. Take some time and commit to it! While your committing to exercising more often, how about you put down that processed "happy meal" that is chocked full of fat, grease, and sodium and learn how to cook at home? I was completely intimidated by my cookbooks at first, especially the ones with pictures. "They've made it look so good, there is NO WAY I can make that." Whatever. I got over my fear; you can, too! Pick simple dishes, ones where you have the ingredients readily available. Start easy and work your way toward the more difficult dishes. You can do it! Use your food storage and begin a rotation cycle. Redefine "convenience"!

#3 : get your whole family involved
There is no need to exclude or scare your children. Kids can easily be taught that we prepare for disasters...use weather as an example. Explain to your child(ren) what to do in case of: a fire, a tornado, a hurricane, an earthquake, or any other weather-related scenario. Help them build a small kit and teach them to use it. Take them camping and begin to teach them basic skills. You don't need to go into details about nuclear war or a zombie apocalypse.
Talk to your friends who are leery about your prepping...invite them on a camping trip. You don't have to shove your ways down their throat, if they haven't packed properly, they'll start taking notes and tips from you, conqueror of wilderness survival! Okay, maybe not conqueror, but I bet they will be impressed and inspired by your knowledge and willingness to teach them.

#4: buy QUALITY first, quantity second

It's great to have a lot of something, for example food and water. But what about that crappy gear you just purchased? You bought five cheap backpacks, awesome...What are you going to do when they all fall apart? You bought a cheap gun and didn't read the reviews or ask anyone and it jams 90% of the time? Do your research! Take time, read about it, ask opinions of people you trust, go to the store, try it out yourself. Price does NOT matter, I know we all like getting deals and things at good prices, but make sure the quality is good.

I hope I've inspired you a smidge, and I hope you'll share some tips for me and other readers!

- The PreparednessMom

Earth Homes

So, what are YOUR thoughts and/ir experiences on inground, earth sheltered or earth bermed homes? I'll attach a few links so you can check it out.

Hub & I have been talking about buying a big piece of land and bit by bit building our "dream retreat" home primarily by ourselves with the help of some greatly appreciate family members and friends. It will take several years (and lots of $$$) to completely finish, but, we'd like to agree on some sort of plan. Ideally, we want our house and property to reflect a self-reliant, self-sufficient lifestyle.

I would love to hear your thoughts, opinions, experiences, or two cents on earth homes!

Please share below

- The PreparednessMom